Conversation No. 1 / The Voice

Jack Burnam - Music Director / Jeanette Burnam - Soprano / Davidson Burnam - Baritone


Conversation No. 2 / Scent

Karyn Gold-Reineke - perfume designer and owner of Pirouette

Special thanks: D.W. Burnam, Karyn Gold-Reineke, Jack Burnam, Jeanette Burnam, Cornish College of the Arts, Heidi Novak

STATEMENT: A table A chair A vase A flower 

A pair of conversations with people who have commited a part of their lives to the construction of sensations. Conversation 1 is with a trio of choral musicians about their craft. Conversation 2 is with a perfume designer about scent construction and memory. 

ABOUTDawn Cerny received her MFA in sculpture from Bard College.  Dawn works in a variety of mediums, including painting, printmaking, and sculpture.  Her work has been shown at many venues including Henry Art Gallery; Or Gallery in Vancouver, Canada; and Night Gallery in Los Angeles.