Violet Strays is an online exhibition space, founded in 2011, by Serrah Russell and Alyssa Volpigno. Through temporal, site-specific online exhibitions, collaborative zine, pop-up events, and a shop featuring exclusive, limited-edition art and objects, Violet Strays provides a platform and opportunity for both emerging and established artists, writers, and creatives to experiment and connect. 

Each online exhibition on Violet Strays is created specifically and exclusively for the Violet Strays site and is on display for two weeks. At the end of the exhibition, the work is removed from the site entirely. As in a physical gallery, one must see the show during its duration.

There is no archive, however, we do maintain an ARTISTS page to continue to promote the artists who have graciously shared their work on Violet Strays.


Serrah and Alyssa met in undergraduate at the University of Washington during a study abroad program in Rome, Italy and bonded over shared interest in art, fashion, and rose gelato. After graduation and ideas for physical shows that didn't pan out, they started Violet Strays as a way to connect with and promote artists in a free and accessible venue. 

Four years later, they've shown over 90 artists and are committed to providing a space for artist experimentation and exploration. 

Alyssa Volpigno is a co-founder and curatorial director of the online gallery Violet Strays with artist Serrah Russell. She is inspired by creativity and thoughtful work in fashion, food, design, and the arts. Alyssa received a BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from the University of Washington in 2010. She lives in Seattle and loves exploring islands, going out for happy hour, and hiking with her dog.


Serrah Russell is a visual artist who uses instant film, found imagery and digital photography to create works of collage and photography. She received a BFA in Photography at the University of Washington and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Russell is co-founder and curatorial director of Violet Strays and is also a managing partner/curator of Vignettes Gallery, an alternative exhibition space with a mission to enable writers and exhibit under-represented contemporary artists. Russell lives and works in Seattle, WA with her husband.