What is Violet Strays? 

Violet Strays is an online exhibition space founded, curated, and managed by Serrah Russell and Alyssa Volpigno. Featuring emerging and established artists, writers, and creatives, Violet Strays seeks to emphasize temporality while encouraging artist connection and experimentation through the internet. Each exhibition on Violet Strays is created specifically and exclusively for the Violet Strays site and is on display for two weeks. At the end of the exhibition, the work is removed from the site entirely. As in a physical gallery, you must see the show during its duration.

There is no archive, however, we do maintain an ARTISTS catalog to continue to promote the artists who have graciously shared their work on Violet Strays.


Where did the name come from? 

Violet Strays is simultaneously a name for the online exhibition space and a pseudonym for work Serrah Russell and Alyssa Volpigno create together. Serrah and Alyssa both loved the name Violet in a personal context and added the word ‘strays’ as a reference to the temporality of the project.

Fun fact: We first used Violet Strays as a pseudonym when submitting our first curatorial proposal, which was rejected, thankfully, as it was what compelled us to found VioletStrays.com


Why doesn't Violet Strays keep an archive?

Violet Strays does not keep an archive to distinguish ourselves from art blogs and to create a sense of urgency to see each exhibition as one would with a physical exhibition.


What type of artists / work is Violet Strays interested in showing?

Violet Strays is interested in showing work by emerging and established artists, writers, and creatives who are willing to take risks and use the online platform in an intentional, thoughtful way. The most successful shows have been when an artist has said, “I’ve wanted to try this, but never had the space” or “This doesn’t really fit with my body of work yet, but I’ve been thinking about…” We encourage experimentation and use of the online space to work through ideas.


What is Violet Strays' role as curators?

Violet Strays invites artists who we respond to and who we feel will make interesting work within the online landscape and in our temporal format. We like to meet up with participating artists for studio visits, cocktails, and tea to discuss initial ideas and the logistics of showing work online, whenever possible. If a physical get together is not possible, we seek to connect personally through Skype, Gchat, email, and phone-calls. Because we allow artists freedom in experimenting and engaging with the Violet Strays space, we only invite artists to participate who we are confident will create a successful, innovative and thoughtful exhibition. Thus the element of trust between artist and curator is hugely important. 


Is the work on Violet Strays for sale?

Much of the work on Violet Strays is a mix of digital and physical media that would be difficult to sell in the traditional sense. However, Violet Strays is currently working on a commercial component for the gallery that would involve limited-edition, artist-created objects and art. This is set to launch in early Fall 2015.  


What happens when each show is over?

At the end of each exhibition, the work is removed completely from the site. Each artist may promote his or her work on Violet Strays in whatever capacity they wish once it has made its debut on the site, but we ask that each artist credit Violet Strays, whenever possible.


Got more questions? Drop us a note here or email us at hello@violetstrays.com


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