We are immensely grateful and forever indebted to all the artists who took a chance on us.

We reached out to many artists, especially in the early days, who had no idea who we were or what we were doing. To be honest, we weren't always sure of who we were or what we were doing ourselves. But you gave us your time, your energy, your consideration, and created new, site-specific work for Violet Strays, to exist for only a week or two.

You, the artists, are what made this project meaningful and beautiful. You are what caused people to bookmark Violet Strays, to check daily, if necessary, and to experience their time on the internet as meaningful and with the ability to inspire. 

We appreciate the relationships that have grown from us trusting one another, as we took risks together to create something new and different, to put work out there into the world and then to let it disappear, when the time came. Your willingness to take chances, push work, and to try unfamiliar mediums in order to realize the work on the internet, has been incredibly inspiring and rewarding to witness.

And thank you to all of you. Anyone reading this, you have made this project possible.

Special thanks:

To those who wrote press, forwarded emails, promoted on social media, told your friends, and all around spread the word about Violet Strays  - Having a website that intentionally deletes itself weekly doesn't help much for SEO so your documentation and promotion has helped our follower base grow immensely and in a way that has been personal and beautiful to witness. 

To those who assisted in all things technical -  Your encouragement, education, tips, and emergency coding were paramount. 

To those who purchased art, t-shirts (we still have a few if you're interested!) and donated funds to help sustain Violet Strays and support our artists. 

To everyone on our email list and all visitors to the exhibitions - Whether you have been with us from the beginning or have just joined us recently, thank you for taking time out of your day to visit Violet Strays. We hope you left inspired, and that the exhibitions continued to replay in your memory, even after they have disappeared from the site.


Thank you to everyone who has shared your internet time with us